Artifical Turf

The climate is changing drastically around the world and areas are being hit by long artificial-turf-9periods of drought.  Grass is dying and turning brown, many people pride themselves on their  lush, green lawns which causes an unending battle.  There is a new concept for having perfect grass and this is called artificial or synthetic grass.
Artificial grass is a new and innovative product that is ecologically friendly and can save you money.  Just think, no more mowing the grass in hot weather, no more paying for a lawn service, in addition, the low maintenance along with extra grass watering costs will save you money.  Artificial grass is economical and when installed by a professional looks beautiful.
Artificial grass  requires little or no maintenance and it is quite difficult to tell the difference between the real grass and artificial, this new concept has come a long way. Artificial grass is safe for kids, animals and is a great solution for creating the yard you want.  Artificial grass is used for all types of yards, playgrounds and putting greens.  Some other benefits of artificial grass include: no more fertilizing, no allergies if you are allergic to grass, no more grass disposal, no weeds, it doesn’t fade over time, no patches of dirt showing through, no mud, mold or bugs.  How cool it that?
Some questions that have been asked about installing artificial grass are will any type of animal feces ruin the artificial grass?  The answer to that is no, and therefore you won’t find any brown spots from animals on your grass.  People ask about maintenance and the answer to this is about once a month people should consider brushing the artificial grass.  This helps to remove unnecessary debris that has fallen.  When you brush your artificial grass, brush against the grain and the blades will return back to an upright vertical position.  We all know that autumn is the time of year that leaves will fall and you can use a leaf blower to remove excessive debris from your new artificial grass.  Removal of debris will help the grass look it’s best year round.  People ask about drainage and with artificial grass, the holes underneath the grass allow water to distribute evenly, which allows for perfect draining.
You don’t have to worry about fading because all of the artificial grass fibers have been created for hot conditions and there is also UV protection on artificial grass.  This makes for a yard with a lush appearance all year long.  Children and pets are safe with fake grass because it is non-toxic and made for years of wear and tear.  Artificial grass is being recommended more and more for playgrounds, parks, sports fields and more.  Artificial grass companies offer a warranty and they stand by their product.  The warranty usually runs for about 8 years and labor is generally covered for a year.  The price depends on the size of the yard, labor requirements and artificial grass types that you choose.
There are a variety of colors and patterns that you can choose from.

Artificial Grass

Home is where the heart is. The saying stands true whether we talk about humans or animals. As humans, even if we cease to take Imageproper care of ourselves, we never neglect the needs of our homes. Cleaning, maintaining and beautifying our homes demand a lot of time, effort and resources. According to how deep our pockets are, we tend to cut corners wherever possible. One such cost-effective but beautiful and valuable solution is installation of artificial grass instead of the natural green grass which carries with itself more hassles than one.
Hiring a landscape contractor to install artificial grass in Southern California is just a click away. For residents of places like the San Fernando Valley, acquiring water can be an expensive task. Most people have a gardeners, which adds to the cost of running a household. Let us show you how synthetic grass can save you time and effort!
Synthetic turf has been around for a while but the concept keeps evolving to meet the customer’s need. You can save thousands of dollars just by investing once in artificial grass installation. Synthetic grass involves almost no maintenance over a period of time and goes a long way to beautify your lawns.
Get synthetic grass installed in your lawns, golf area or playgrounds and you will see that you save a lot of time by not watering. Another huge benefit of synthetic grass is that it happens to be safe for children as many have dust or pollen allergies. In addition, you won’t find your pet tearing away your lawn and coming back home all bathed in mud. Artificial grass is an absolutely a pet safe solution. Men can rejoice too as they don’t have to mow their lawns anymore! You will also save some dough on fertilizers and treating bugs and molds. The synthetic grass will remain green all year round and will never fade. Do you need a gardener anymore? No, because watering, de-weeding, cleaning and fertilizing is not required to be done with synthetic turf.
When we talk about keeping the artificial grass clean, the holes spreading across backside of the turf will drain away all the excess water. Once a month, use a leaf blower to blow away the debris that has fallen on the artificial grass and hose it to get back the luscious green synthetic grass. It is non-toxic and can withstand sun and heat for years.